Mostar Haloch Vashov

Mostar Round-Trip

One year after 17-year-old Yuval leaves his home in Israel to attend UWC international high-school situated in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, filmmaker David Fisher, his father, follows. During three round-trips to Mostar, Yuval’s relationships unfold: with his father, his Israeli peers and his Spanish girlfriend, Neus. Although Yuval is far from home, this actually brings father and son closer together. Yuval and his roommate Salam, an Israeli Arab, have passionate political debates. Far from home these youngsters learn to open up to other cultures, and this changes their perception of their not-so-beloved neighbors.

Director's Biography
David Fisher, born 1956 in Israel. He has been writing, producing, and directing documentaries for Israeli television since 1989. MOSTAR ROUND-TRIP is the second part of David Fisher’s family trilogy and was among others selected for the Jerusalem Film Festival and the Exground Filmfest 2011 in Wiesbaden, Germany. // Films (Selected): KAVRU O.O. V‘HU CHAN (Buried Alive, 1996), ACHAT K‘TANAH ACHAT G‘DOLAH (Little Big Sister, 1998), LOVE INVENTORY (2000; first part of his family trilogy), MOSTAR HALOCH VASHOV (Mostar Round-Trip, 2011), SIX MILLION AND ONE (2011; CE '12)
European Panorama Documentary 2012
David Fisher
Israel 2011
73 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay David Fisher
Cinematography Edan Sasson, David Fisher, Haris Zugor, Goran Kresic
Editing Hadas Ayalon
Music Amnon Fisher
With Yuval Fisher, Salam Sa’adi, Neus Giner Garcia, Niva Alush, Niv Bahr
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