An archaic bronze foundry in Tirana, Albania. 60-year-old bronze founder Ladi Metani used to cast opulent monuments on behalf of the regime during the communist dictatorship. They could not withstand the change that came in the early nineties when they were pulled down and melted. Something new arose and Ladi found his own way of self-expression after silent decades of oppression. A tribute to a man who strives for a pure form of life and inner freedom independent of political ideologies. And the portrait of a country in transition.

Director's Biography
Eva Hausberger lebt als freischaffende Filmregisseurin in Wien. Bis 2006 studierte sie Multimedia-Kunst in Salzburg und an der FAMU in Prag. Seit 2010 ist Hausberger vorwiegend als Produktionsmanagerin und Regieassistentin im Bereich Spiel- und Dokumentarfilm tätig. // Filme (Auswahl): DIE LEIBERL DER BARBARA WILDING (Ko-Regie Barbara Wilding, 2004, short), BILDEIN (2006, short), KOPFBALL (2008, short), MONUMENTI (2014, doc / CE Social Awareness Award – Local Artist)
2015: CROSSING EUROPE Social Awareness Award – Local Artist
Local Artists 2015
Eva Hausberger
Austria 2014
72 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Eva Hausberger
Cinematography Eva Hausberger
Editing Gerhard Daurer
Sound/Sounddesign Sigrid Nagele, Eva Hausberger
Music Peter Kutin
With Vladimir Metani, Lumi Metani, Enri Metani, Vladimir Llakaj, Arben Muzha
Producer(s) Eva Hausberger
Eva Hausberger