Million ways to die, one way to Def

Kensee’s debut documentary tells the story of Felix Schager aka DEF ILL, an Austrian artist, musician, producer and rapper, who lives in Linz and is considered an exception among the local scene. The film deals with the relationship to his (artist) family and how he was already influenced by music as a child. At the same time, the main focus is also on the production of his most recent album “Reefer Mawdness”.

Director's Biography
Kensee (Karol Kensy), geboren 1988 in Szubin, Polen, aufgewachsen in der Nähe von Linz. Studiert seit 2010 Zeitbasierte & interaktive Medien an der Linzer Kunstuniversität. //Filme (Auswahl): GRAUER STAR – ANDI & ALEX FT. SKERO (2013, short), IMMA NU DA SÖBE, SICHA NED DA GLEICHE – ANDI & ALEX (2013, short), CHiLL-iLL – SORRY FT. KINETICAL (2013, short), YES WE JAM CYPHERSPACE PART 3 (2013, short), DREAMING – FLIP FT. AG (2014, short; CE '14), MILLION WAYS TO DIE, ONE WAY TO DEF (2014, doc)
Local Artists 2014
Kensee (Karol Kensy)
Austria 2013
46 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Kensee
Cinematography Kensee, Eliot, Martin Winkler, David Chalupar
Editing Kensee