The filmmaker lends her voice to her grandmother Maria. From the first-person perspective of the grandmother, the granddaughter echoes past experiences from the time before and after the war in Austria. Shocking and touching moments are transformed into the here and now. Associated images of Maria and her places conjoin with these recounted events.

Director's Biography
Sybille Bauer, geb. 1989 in Linz. Lebt und arbeitet in Linz und Wien. Seit 2014 Master-Studium Zeitbasierte Medien an der Kunstuniversität Linz. // Filme (Auswahl): ES (2014), BLOOM (2014), DES FILMS ENDE (2014), MARIEDL (2014; CE ’15), FACES (2014)
Local Artists 2015
Sybille Bauer
Austria 2014
10 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Content notes