Mama i tata

Mum 'n' Dad

This film is a story of an elderly couple – the husband suffers a stroke, and the wife uses that to pay him back for fifty years of deceit, stubbornness, violence and everything else that happens ’behind closed doors‘. This need to show their intimacy dictated the form, i.e. the notoriously voyeuristic reality-show style. Our heroes are kept inside the box; they cannot get out, but unlike what we normally see in such programs, they are not young, pretty, ambitious and ready for any kind of romantic adventure. They are real people, our parents, grandparents, maybe even we ourselves, people whose foundations are slipping. (Faruk Lončarević )

Competition Fiction 2007
Faruk Lončarević
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006
64 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Faruk Lončarević
Cinematography Almir Ðikoli
Editing Faruk Lončarević
Music Igor Čamo
With Zagorka Borota, Vjekoslav Ramljak, Sabina Bambur
Production Husrefa Redžica 20 71000 Sarajevo Bosnien und Herzegowina T +387 33 444 535 F +387 33 209 715