Love, peace & beatbox

Beatboxing in Berlin has been developing into a very complex art form over the last few years. Together with Maxim, DJ Mesia and BeeLow founded the first German Beatbox Championship in Berlin in 2002. Since then, the idea of the beatbox battle has developed everywhere. BeeLow’s concept has been copied around the world, and even Australia invited him to be a judge. We join the beatboxers during their acts, their daily life and watch them fighting in artistic beatbox battles to win the Golden Mic of the 5th German Beatbox Championship.

European Panorama 2008
Volker Meyer-Dabisch
Germany 2007
70 minutes
German version
Screenplay Volker Meyer-Dabisch
Cinematography Andreas Gockel, Ralf Netzer, Peter Sebera, Hendrick Lier
Editing Volker Meyer-Dabisch
With Mando, Wetlipz, Chlorophil, BeeLow, Zeero, DJ Mesia, Ro Beat, Darkmanz, Neves, Steffe la Cheffe
Karl Handke Filmproduktion Wiener Straße 20 10999 Berlin Deutschland T + 49 177 7885 911