Louise Wimmer

Louise Wimmer goes from one small job to another. Despite her loud speech and tall height she‘d rather stay alone to avoid any conflict. Her past life is now far behind her and everything she owns is in her car. At the dawn of her fifties, she lost everything when separating from her husband, but she wants to make it by herself. Nonetheless it is only if she accepts to open herself to others that she will be able to start her life again. A new feature film project is already in pre-production: Insight.

Director's Biography
CYRIL MENNEGUN, born 1975 in France, directed his first short LE PREMIER DES DEUX QUI RIRA in 1998. In 2002 he started his first big cinematographic adventure in documentary film with QUEL TRAVIAL. Since, he has directed several documentaries, including TAHAR L’ÉTUDIANT in 2005, which received an Award at Lussas Doc Film Festival. LOUISE WIMMER is his first feature film and was screened in the Settimana della crittica section in Venice. // Films (Selected): QUEL TRAVIAL (2002, doc), NOUS LES APPRENTIS (2003, doc), TAHAR L’ETUDIANT (2005, doc), 20 ANS, LE MONDE ET NOUS (2009, doc), LOUISE WIMMER (2011)
Competition Fiction 2012
Cyril Mennegun
France 2011
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Cyril Mennegun
Cinematography Thomas Letellie
Editing Valérie Brégaint
Sound/Sounddesign Alexandre Widmer
Music Laurent Petitgrand
With Corinne Masiero, Jérôme Kircher, Anne Benoit, Marie Kremer, Jean-Marc Roulot, Frédéric Gorny, Cécile Rebboah, Annie-France Poli, Maud Wyler, Nicolas Woirion
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