London to Brighton

Essentially a chase film, with its two female protagonists – twenty-five-year-old prostitute Kelly and 11-year-old runaway Joanne – heading to the coast to avoid violent retribution from a coldly charismatic gangster and a gun-toting pimp way out of his depth, London to Brighton evokes a dog-eat-dog underworld in grimy London locations – Bermondsey, Dalston – that rarely make it into cinema. (Kieron Corless) The aim was to create a piece of work that bled reality, that created a world generally ignored in today’s society, a world full of characters that we pass by every day. Combined with the genre element to the film, it is a gritty look at the subject of paedophilia and the consequences for people who allow themselves to be part of such a terrible world. (Paul Andrew Williams)

Competition Fiction 2007
Paul Andrew Williams
Great Britain 2006
90 minutes
Screenplay Paul Andrew Williams
Cinematography Christopher Ross
Editing Tom Hemmings
Music Laura Rossi
With Lorraine Stanley, Johnny Harris, Sam Spruell, Georgia Groome, Alexander Morton, Nathan Constance, David Keeling
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