Ljubav na granici

Borderline Lovers

In the ruins of the former Yugoslavia, on either side of the frontiers which were still front lines just ten years before, three couples try to sustain their relationships. Transcending the religious divides, racial tensions and wounds left by the war, these men and women refuse to have their feelings dictated by lines drawn arbitrarily on a map. A standard-bearer for empowerment and freedom, Ljubav na granici is a passionate declaration of love.

European Panorama 2006
Miroslav Ciro Mandić
Bosnia and Herzegovina / Czech Republic 2004
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Miroslav Mandić
Cinematography Mirsad Herović, Erol Zubčević
Editing Miralem Zubčević, Krasimira Veličkova
Music Saša Lošić
With Anesa, Dragan, Ozrenka, Marko, Adila, Velibor
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