L'Exil et le Royaume

North Coast

A former railroader who plunges into history, a teacher who spends the night looking for the police, an Afghan who hides, two quantum jobless men, a host with a moustache and his Eritrean wives… All these people cross paths, come into contact, avoid each other. Their trajectories create a space where everyday life is constantly reinvented in a world that never stops collapsing. It is time to learn to be unreasonable: the whole world is passing through Calais.

Director's Biography
Jonathan Le Fourn, geboren 1983 in Frankreich Andreï Schtakleff, geboren 1979 in Frankreich Filme: L‘Exil et le royaume (North Coast 2008) ihr erster Dokumentarfilm.
European Panorama 2009
Jonathan Le Fourn
France 2008
127 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jonathan Le Fourn, Andreï Schtakleff
Cinematography Alexandra Mélot
With Thierry Devienne, Frédéric Sablon, Marie-Noëlle Guès, Paul Daviot, Charles Frammezelle, Christophe Hazeldine, Moradzade Mohamad Shah, Ludovit Gazik
Produzenten Gaëlle Jones, Marie-odile Gazin koproduktion Red Star Cinéma, Images Plus, Sylicone Château-Rouge Production 10 bis rue Bisson 75020 Paris Frankreich T +33 1 4223 0610 F +33 1 4223 0632 production@chateau-rouge.info www.chateau-rouge.info