Les mots de Taj

Tajamul's Words

At age fourteen, Tajamul fled from Afghanistan, to come all the way to the city of Amiens, France. Now that he is twenty years old, he wants to make the journey backwards with his adoptive father, and tell his story for all the refugees who cannot speak anymore. Through Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Iran, he will talk to us, show places that are important to him, put words on wounds. TAJAMUL'S WORDS is the portrait of a young man who had to leave his native land, and who carries on his shoulders what could be the chaos of the world.

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Les Mots de Taj (Tajamul's Words, 2021, doc) - Ma vie avec James Dean
 (My Life with James Dean, 2017; CE'18) - Les fraises des bois
 (Wild Strawberries, 2011; CE’12) - Confort moderne (Modern Comfort, 1999)
Competition Documentary 2021
Dominique Choisy
France 2021
118 minutes
French / German / English / Farsi
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Dominique Choisy
Cinematography Henri Desaunay
Editing Léo Ségala
Sound/Sounddesign Henri Desaunay
Music Bertrand Belin
With Tajamul Faqiri-Choisy
Producer(s) Nathalie Algazi, François Drouot, Marie Sonne-Jensen
La Voie Lactée, Les Amis de Jimmy
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2021