Les Grandes Ondes (à l'Ouest)


April 1974: two journalists working for the Swiss radio are sent to Portugal to make a report about Swiss aid there. Bob, a sound technician nearing retirement, goes along for the ride aboard his trusty mobile broadcast unit VW van. However, once there, nothing seems to go as planned. What with abandoned projects and others serving as a deposit to colonial theses for supporters of Salazar, the atmosphere is highly charged between Julie, the feminist, and the wily war correspondent Chauvin. Not even the cheery disposition of Pelé, the young Portuguese translator, makes any difference and the team decides to throw in the towel. But the wind of historic change steers the VW to the center of the Carnation Revolution …

Director's Biography
Lionel Baier, born 1975 in Lausanne, Switzerland, studied the Arts at the University of Lausanne from 1995 and 1999. Since 2002 he has been Head of the Film department at ECAL (École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) and he is also Vice President of the Swiss Film Archive. In 2009 Crossing Europe dedicated a Tribute to Lionel Baier and Ursula Meier. LONGWAVE had its world premiere at Locarno Film Festival in 2013. // Films (selected): COMME DES VOLEURS (À L’EST) (Stealth, 2006; CE '09), UN AUTRE HOMME (Another Man, 2008; CE '09), LES GRANDES ONDES (À L’OUEST) (Longwave, 2013)
European Panorama Fiction 2014
Lionel Baier
Switzerland / France / Portugal 2013
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Julien Bouissoux, Lionel Baier
Cinematography Patrick Lindenmaier
Editing Pauline Gaillard
Sound/Sounddesign Henri Maikoff, Stéphane Thiebaut
Music Georges Gershwin
With Valérie Donzelli, Michel Vuillermoz, Patrick Lapp, Francisco Belard
Bande à part Films 6, rue Mauborget 1003 Lausanne Switzerland T +41 21 311 90 34 info@bandeapartfilms.com www.bandeapartfilms.com