Just as Georg Büchner based his novel on a real episode from the life of the German poet Lenz, Thomas Imbach freely mixes fact and fiction. Like his literary counterpart, the modern-day Lenz is a tortured visionary caught between euphoria and desperation. Imbach‘s film captures these mood swings with its eclectic visual and aural style. Lenz‘ turbulent inner states are mirrored by the elemental beauty of the natural landscape. The emotional drama of the main characters plays against a background of kitsch global tourism – provided by the authentic Zermatt locations.

European Panorama 2006
Thomas Imbach
Switzerland 2006
96 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Thomas Imbach, inspiriert von Georg Büchners „Lenz“
Cinematography Jürg Hassler, Thomas Imbach
Editing Thomas Imbach, Jürg Hassler, Patrizia Stotz
Music Peter Bräker, Balz Bachmann
With Milan Peschel, Barbara Maurer, Noah Gsell, Barbara Heynen
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