Le bateau en carton

The Paper Boat

In April 2008, I discovered a slum along the highway in Massy-Palaiseau near Paris. I remembered with nostalgia my childhood in a nearby slum, and wanted to meet the gypsys who were living there, to see how despised and rejected they are by the rest of society, and how at the same time they are just immigrants like many others. I decided to document their everyday life and their struggles, when deported from the place they‘d built for themselves. (José Vieira)

Director's Biography
José Vieira , geb. 1957 in Portugal, lebt und arbeitet als Regisseur in Paris. Er beschäftigt sich überwiegend mit dem Themen Migration und Integration.

Filme (Auswahl): Chronique cosmopolite (1998, ARTE), Clairvivre, enquête sur une utopie (2000, Dok), La photo déchirée (2001, Dok), Contre feu (2002, KF/Dok), Le pays où l’on ne revient jamais (2005, Dok), Le drôle de mai (2008, Dok), Les émigrés (2009, Dok), Le bateau en carton (The Paper Boat, 2010, Dok)
Architektur und Gesellschaft | Architecture and Society 2011
José Vieira
France 2010
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay José Vieira
Cinematography José Vieira
Editing Albane Penaranda
Sound/Sounddesign Amélie Canini
With Ionut M., Belgyan S., Liliana R., Gogu L., Gheorghe A., Ionel C., Carmen S., Niculita G., Gheorghe G., Sorina M., Cristina F., Aurélia S., Marius B., Andreea L.
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