L'aventure est un secret

The Adventure is a Secret

A demonstration, a banner. A silhouette seen from behind crosses a white line and directs the movements of the demonstrators. Fodé turns, shows his face and looks at us smiling: choosing when to hide and when to be seen can be decisive in the course of a life. Mamadou, Fodé and Magasa evoke with calm and lucidity their passage from the clandestine life to the affirmation of their dignity and attachment to their adoptive country, France. Images from the past arise to testify the road traveled, the determination and course set since childhood: the pursuit of adventure.

Director's Biography
Pierre Linguanotto, studied cinema and editing in Paris 8 University, before he has worked ten years in post-production industry. For several years, he works as DOP or editor for documentary and intitutional projects. He published in 2010 an investigation book called “The adventure is a secret”, and realized different photographic report for the French publisher, Al Dante. This work about African workers in France leads him to direct his first documentary film L’AVENTURE EST UN SECRET (The Adventure is a Secret, 2013, doc)
European Panorama Documentary 2014
Pierre Linguanotto
France 2013
67 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Pierre Linguanotto
Cinematography Pierre Linguanotto
Editing Céline Ducreux
Sound/Sounddesign Romain Lebras, Martin de Torcy
With Mamadou Diagne, Fodé Savane, Mahamadou Magasa
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