lava flow

A volcanic eruption near Reykjavik, Iceland, as both a familiar and dramatic event–a fascination of movements, colors, forms and sounds.

Director's Biography
Manfred Neuwirth is a director, cinematographer, media artist, and lecturer at the University of Arts Linz, who walks a fine line between documentary film, innovative cinema and new media. He describes himself as an explorer, archivist, photographer and sound seeker.
Films - Selection
lava flow (2021) - by the sea (2020) - The sea only talks about the sea (2019) - From a nearby country (2015) - Private News (2003) - manga train (1998) - Reminiscences of a lost land (1988)
Local Artists 2022
Manfred Neuwirth
Austria 2021
15 minutes
without dialogue

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Cinematography Manfred Neuwirth
Editing Manfred Neuwirth
Music Christian Fennesz
Producer(s) Manfred Neuwirth
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