Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi

Witching & Bitching

When your marriage has you on the brink and your bank account in red, it’s time to rob a Cash-for-Gold shop. That’s the last decision made by a group of guys led by divorced José. Unfortunately for all, José never lets his kid down and the day of the break-in is his day of the week with his son. Looks like little Sergio will have to tag along. When they come out of the shop the getaway seems harder than they imagined …

Director's Biography
Álex de la Iglesia, born 1965 in Bilbao, Spain, is a film director, screenwriter and producer. De la Iglesia started his film career with short films. His first feature, MUTANT ACTION, was made in 1992. In 1995, he surprised the audience and critics with THE DAY OF THE BEAST, which won him six Goya awards, one of them was for best director. WITCHING & BITCHING was awarded eight Goyas in 2014. // Films (selected): EL DÍA DE LA BESTIA (The Day of the Beast, 1995), BALADA TRISTE DE TROMPETA (The Last Circus, 2010), LAS BRUJAS DE ZUGARRAMURDI (Witching & Bitching, 2013)
Nachtsicht | Night Sight · Eröffnungsfilme | Opening Films 2014
Álex de la Iglesia
Spain / France 2013
112 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Álex de la Iglesia, Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Cinematography Kiko de la Rica
Editing Pablo Blanco
Sound/Sounddesign Charly Smuckler
Music Joan Valent
With Hugo Silva, Mario Casas, Pepon Nieto, Carolina Bang, Terele Pavez, Jaime Ordoñez, Carlos Areces, Santiago Segura, Secun de la Rosa, Macarena Gomez, Gabriel Delgado, Carmen Maura
Enrique Cerezo, P.C. C/ Ana Mariscal 7 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) Spain T +34 91 512 00 58 F +34 91 711 08 27