La dernière d'entre elles

The Last of Them

In the beginning, there was a manuscript that trailed off, unfinished. A few weeks after her return from Auschwitz in 1945, my grandmother Fernande had written down her painful memories. Over seventy years later, I miraculously discovered Rosette, who had known my grandmother “in that place.” Rosette was the last living member of the small group of survivors that included my grandmother. Immediately after the war, several of the other women had published accounts of their experience. I wanted to bring together their voices. Hence, the film explores the deepest shadows of what remains of Auschwitz today. (Pierre Goetschel)

Director's Biography
Pierre Goetschel 
Born in 1969, Pierre Goetschel is a documentary filmmaker. He devoted his latest films to the connections between memory and history. After "Les Mutins de la Courtine", which goes back to the traces of the Russian soldier’s mutiny in France in 1917 during the Russian Revolution, "The Last of Them“ follows the work started with "L’héritage retrouvé" about fragments and memory’s material. 

Film Selection: La dernière d'entre elles (The Last of Them, 2018, doc) - Les Mutins de la Courtine (2015, doc) - L’héritage retrouvé (2014, doc) - Rond-point (2010, doc)
Competition Documentary 2019
Pierre Goetschel
France 2018
color & black and white
70 minutes
French / English
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Pierre Goetschel
Cinematography Jérome Colin
Editing Isabelle Poudevigne
Sound/Sounddesign Laurent Herniaux, Yann Reiland
Music Frédéric Féraud, Quentin Laurent
With Rosette Levy, Dominique Blanc, Nathalie Richard, Bernadette Le Saché
Producer(s) Frédéric Féraud, Quentin Laurent
Les films de l'œil sauvage, France 3 Nouvelle Aquitaine, L’Heure D
World Sales
Les films de l'œil sauvage
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2019
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World Premiere