Kunst im Süden

Where do I come from, where am I going, are not questions that Art Brut artists even pose. They are in being. This is documented by the film Kunst im Süden in a sensitive and humorous way. During an art excursion the filmmaker Carola Maier accompanied artistically gifted people with handicaps to the south of Italy for one week. Making art was the goal of the journey. What Carola Mair shows most of all in this documentary, however, are the people behind the pictures, in order to wipe away the “impress of handicap”. The result is a film with humour and depth.

Local Artists 2008
Carola Mair
Austria / Italy 2007
30 minutes
Screenplay Carola Mair
Cinematography Erika Michalke
Editing Ronnes Gruber
Music Matthias Ruckdäschl
With Eli Kumpfhuber, Margarethe Bamberger, Gerlinde Wimmer, Helmut Haider
caromax; www.caromax.at