İki Çizgi

Two Lines

A story of a relationship between a young man and a woman in Istanbul. Mert spends his time taking photographs, whereas Selin works at a company. They live together. They decide to go on a holiday, but their journey doesn’t unfold as they’ve planned. Starting in a big city and turning into a dramatic road story, İki Çizgi is based on a man and a woman’s different identities in their own lines.

Director's Biography
Selim Evci, geboren 1975 in Istanbul. Filmstudium an der Maltepe Universität und der Beykent Universität in Istanbul. War bei internationalen Festivals mit Kurz- und Dokumentarfilmen vertreten. Sein erster Spielfilm İki Çizgi (Two Lines, 2008) hatte seine Weltpremiere beim 56. Filmfestival in Venedig. Zur Zeit ist er Direktor des International Annual Akbank Short Film Festival.

Filme (Auswahl): Sen Ya Da Hayalin (You or Your Illusion, 2000, KF), Duvarın Arkası (Behind the Wall, 2001, Dok), Kırmızıyı Arayan Adam (Lost Red, 2001, Dok), Antandros (2005, Dok)
Special 2009
Selim Evci
Tokelau 2008
93 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Selim Evci
Cinematography Meryem Yavuz
Editing Selim Evci
Music Samet Evci - Frapan
With Gülçin Santırcıoğlu, Kaan Keskin
Produzent Selim Evci EFP Evci Film Production Company Istiklal Cd. Mis Sk. Tan Apt. Daire: 6 Beyoglu 34435 Istanbul Türkei T +90 212 249 5835 F +90 212 249 5834 info@evcifilm.com www.evcifilm.com