Kenedi se ženi

Kenedi is getting married

After building a house for his family Kenedi finds himself hugely in debt. He starts searching for any kind of work to support himself and repay his creditors. Soon he discovers that the most money is to be found in the sex business. Initially he offers his services to older ladies and widows, only to discover that even more money lies in offering sex to wealthy men. When he learns about certain new European laws on gay marriages, he sees this as an opportunity to renew his search for legal status in the European Union. The famous music festival EXIT in Novi Sad, frequented by masses of people from all over Europe, turns out to be an ideal hunting ground for a loving or at least kind-hearted, well-intentioned male partner.

Special 2008
Želimir Žilnik
Serbia 2007
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography Miodrag Miloševic
Editing Vuk Vukmirovic, Branislav Klašnja
With Kenedi Hasani, Salji Hasani, Beni Haliti, Max Steiner, Philipp Eisenmann, Sladjana Palvlica, Maksud Humo, Ethem Saygidier
Terra Film