Kenedi se vraća kući

Kenedi Goes Back Home

An account of Yugoslavs who left their war-torn country in the nineties to spend over ten years in Western Europe as refugees or asylum-seekers. In the second half of 2002 the European Union started sending many of these people, mostly Roma, back to Serbia and Montenegro, believing there was no more reason for their stay abroad. Whole families were deported overnight, regardless of the fact that the majority of children born in the West had already become completely integrated. – Main protagonists of this inhumane story are Kenedi Hasani – a kind, witty, resourceful and almost pathologically optimistic street rat – and his younger friend.

Special 2008
Želimir Žilnik
Serbia / Montenegro 2003
74 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Želimir Žilnik
Cinematography Miodrag Miloševic
Editing Marko Cvejic
With Kenedi Hasani, Denis Ajeti, Džemsit Buzoli, Sabaheta Alijevic, Mevlan Alijevic
Terra Film