Kein halbes Leben

No Half Life

No Half Life deals with the inscrutable relationship between people and their dogs. My mother Renate (57) says that only her dogs helped her to overcome my father’s death. What are dogs capable of that fellow humans are not? I embark on a personal journey and an intimate look on the three dog-centred worlds of my protagonists Kerstin (24), Florian (29) and Renate, my mother. All three experienced great human losses, and find fulfilment through their relationships with their canine companions. And, they all endeavour, together with their four-legged friends, in looking to a positive future; but does this mean leaving people around them behind?

Director's Biography
Sybille Bauer
Born 1989 in Linz, filmmaker and media artist. Sybille Bauer completed her theater, film and media studies at Vienna University, and is about to finish her Master’s in “time-based media” (“Zeitbasierte Medien”) at the University of Art and Design, Linz. She lives and works in Vienna and Linz. 

Films Selection: Kein halbes Leben (No Half Life, 2018, doc) — Mein Befinden ist gut, nur zeitlich sehr begrenzt (My condition is good but temporarily limited, 2016, doc short; CE’16) — Die übrigen Mädchen (2016, doc short) — Des Films Ende (2015, doc short) — Mariedl (2014, doc short; CE’15) 
Local Artists 2018
Sybille Bauer
Austria 2018
70 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Sybille Bauer
Cinematography Marie-Thérèse Zumtobel
Editing Anna Grenzfurthner
Sound/Sounddesign Ben Palier, Nora Czamier, Simon Spitzer, Ken Rischard, Theda Schifferdecker
With Renate Bauer, Kerstin Brüstl, Florian Grill
Producer(s) Lixi Frank
Weltpremiere / World Premiere 
Diagonale 2018