Kauza Cervanová


Over 30 years ago in Czechoslovakia, medical student Ludmila Cervanová was murdered. Her father, a participant in several secret missions to the Arab world, was a high-ranking party official. A frenetic investigation began in 1976 and involved the state police, secret service, a huge propaganda machine and Czechoslovakia's president Gustáv Husák himself. Hastily fabricated testimony and evidence made charges against seven men possible. For them, their families and lawyers a race for survival had begun. Unsolved to this day, the case has been hanging like a cloud over Slovak judiciary for almost 40 years. The film does not seek to answer who killed the woman and why. It focuses on the mechanisms emerging where law and politics meet, showing how easy it is to arouse fear and to manipulate not just individuals but an entire nation.

Director's Biography
Robert Kirchhoff, born 1968 in Nitra, Slovak Republic, is a director, producer, cinematographer and scriptwriter. He studied film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where he still holds an academic appointment. Kirchhoff is also a founder and the CEO of atelier.doc. Many of his films received significant recognition at several festivals domestically and internationally. // Films (selected): HEJ, SLOVÁCI (Hey, You Slovaks, 2002, doc; CE '04), DUCH V STROJI (Ghost in the Machine, 2010, doc), KAUZA CERVANOVÁ (Normalization, 2013, doc)
2014: CROSSING EUROPE Social Awareness Award – Best Documentary
European Panorama Documentary 2014
Robert Kirchhoff
Slovakia / Czech Republic 2013
color & black and white
100 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Robert Kirchhoff
Cinematography Ján Meliš
Editing Jana Vlčková, Adam Brothánek
Sound/Sounddesign Václav Flégl
Music Peter Zagar
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