Joy Division

In 1976, four young men from ruined, post-industrial Manchester went to see the Sex Pistols. They formed a band, Joy Division. It was “a right laugh”. Three years later it was a matter of art, life and death. 30 years later they are enjoying a larger audience and more influence than ever before with a profound legacy that resonates fiercely in today’s heavily careerist music industry and over-mediated pop culture. Featuring the unprecedented participation of the surviving band members, this film tells their story of beauty and loss in the city. In 1980, aged 15, I bought a copy of Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” album. It was the single most beautiful object I’d ever possessed and the first record I’d ever heard that didn’t just spit out sounds but seemed to create a whole new landscape. (Grant Gee)

European Panorama 2008
Grant Gee
Great Britain / USA 2007
color & black and white
94 minutes
Screenplay Jon Savage
Cinematography Grant Gee
Editing Jerry Chater
Music Joy Division
With Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Peter Saville, Tony Wilson, Annik Honoré
Hudson Productions Ltd., UK 29-31 Cowper Street, 3rd Floor London EC2A 4AT Großbritannien T +44 207 608 7400 F +44 207 608 4599