The Idle Ones

Three unemployed teenagers in a small town in northern Finland spend their days idling, driving around and visiting the employment office. If you have a lot of time, seemingly trivial things take on greater significance, and every morning the three wake up to a new day that is no different from the last. The time that Helke and Suutari spend with the teenagers can only be experienced through the passing of the seasons and external events, such as when one of the three young men has just become a father and in the next moment counts the days when he can visit the child with its mother. Helke and Suutari are not interested in investigating causes or in ready-made messages, but only in a tangible affinity to what happens in front of the camera. (mp)

Tribute 2006
Susanna Helke, Virpi Suutari
Finland 2001
78 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Susanna Helke, Virpi Suutari
Cinematography Harri Räty
Editing Kimmo Taavila
Music Sanna Salmenkallio
Kinotar OY Meritullinkato 33E 00170 Helsinki Finland T +358 9 135 1864