Journal du temps

Journal du temps combines images from the artist‘s travels with texts from the log books of famous travelers - reduced to a single aspect: the respective traveling weather. The phenomenon that is characteristic for talking about the weather becomes evident: the ordinary and the existentially significant are found oddly close together here.

Director's Biography
BARBARA MUSIL, geb. 1972 in Salzburg, Studium der Humanmedizin in Graz und Experimentellen Gestaltung in Linz. Arbeitet als freischaffende Künstlerin.

Filme (Auswahl): SW-NÖ 04 (2004, Co-Regie Karo Szmit; CE ‘05), Lietuvos Bankas (2006; CE ‘06), market sentiments (2007, CE Award Local Artist 2008), repetition (2009; CE Trailer)
Local Artists 2010
Barbara Musil
Austria 2010
6 minutes
without dialogue