Jedem Dorf sein Underground

We Built This City

“We did not party back then, we went to the building site. I remember how we screwed the insulation boards to the ceiling.” Jakob Kubizek is talking about the year 1997, when he was a high school student, member of the band Superformy and part of the youth movement that built the culture center Röda. ( The genesis of the youth culture center „Röda“ in the small town of Steyr is an almost biblical tale of a quest and of the flood. We Built This City listens to the accounts of former activists and provides a reunion with protagonists of the Austrian musical underground of the nineties.

Director's Biography
Jakob Kubizek
Filmmaker und musician from Steyr, based in Vienna. He creates musicvideos, TV formats and documentaries with the Jenseide filmproduction. In 2016 their TV show “Ochs im Glas” won the Romy Jury Award. 

Films Selection: Jedem Dorf sein Underground (We Built This City, 2018, doc) — Wastecooking (2016,TV doc series) — Ochs im Glas (2015, TV doc series) — Eine Möglichkeit zu leben – Das Nowhere Train Tagebuch (2012, doc; CE’13) — Nicaragua – Die vergessene Revolution (2010, doc short; CE’11) 
Local Artists 2018
Jakob Kubizek
Austria 2018
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jakob Kubizek
Cinematography Camilo Zamora, Florian Kitzmüller, Valentin Wanker, Robert Hack
Editing Jakob Kubizek
Music Superformy, Kurort, Play the Tracks of, and many more
Producer(s) Peter Sihorsch
Jenseide Filmproduktion
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Diagonale 2018