Irili Ufakli Yaralar

Wounds with Various Sizes

Wounds with Various Sizes is about home, belonging and identity with an emphasis on memory. A series of still images taken at „home“ in Turkey run during a day trip in Linz. The images are taken care of by a woman who expresses her complicated feelings around the issue of leaving both her country and the traditional female role of „caregiver“.

Director's Biography
Sena Başöz, geb. 1980 in Izmir, Türkei. Studierte Film und Video in Istanbul, 2009/10 Artist in Residence im Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz. Lebt in Istanbul.

Filme (Auswahl): Nobody is Indispensable (2006), Tower Nest (2007), A Day in the Building (2009)
Local Artists 2010
Sena Başöz
Turkey / Austria 2010
12 minutes
without dialogue