INSIDE - The Colour Version

This film is part of "Dietmar Brehm - Programm 1", selected and composed by Dietmar Brehm. Link to the extensive essay on thie Local Artists Special: Dietmar Brehm written by Dominik Kamalzadeh in the information box on the right.

Director's Biography
Dietmar Brehm (*1947) is a major protagonist of the Austrian experimental and art scene and professor emeritus at the University of Arts Linz. He works with film/video, drawing/painting, and photography. Over his career he has created approx. 200 films and has been the recipient of numerous accolades, advancement awards and honorary prizes, including, in 2020, the Alfred Kubin Prize of the Federal Province of Upper Austria for his life’s work to date. A previous special dedicated to the works of Dietmar Brehm was part of the fifth edition of CROSSING EUROPE in 2008. 2022, on the occasion of his 75th birthday, CROSSING EUROPE pays tribute to the great avant-garde filmmaker with two multifaceted short film programs.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Hylo-Vision-Plus - Version 1 (2022; CE’22) - 2 Punkte Programm (2 Point Program, 2020; CE’21&22) - 33 Punkte Programm (2019; CE'20) - Inside. The Colour Version (2017; CE'17&22) - Hallo Mabuse (2016; CE’17&22) - Tokyo, 1. Version (2013; CE'13&22) - Coke (2013; CE’13&22) - Praxis-12/13 (2011/2013; CE’13) - Berlin, 1984 (2011; CE'13&22) - Instax, Camera Girls (2009; CE’09) - Praxis 1-3 (2008; CE'08) - Halcion (2007; CE’08&22) - 12:00 (2004; CE'08) - Fliege (2008; CE'08 festival trailer) - Filmhimmel (2004; CE'05) - Blitze (Bolts of Lightning, 2000; CE’22) - The Murder Mystery (1992; CE’22) - Interview ohne Ton (Interview Without Sound, 1976; CE’22)
Local Artists Special: Dietmar Brehm 2022
Dietmar Brehm
Austria 2017
5 minutes
without dialogue
World Sales

Essay Local Artists Special: Dietmar Brehm

Warning: This film program contains fast flashing images and may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is adviced.