Inside The Bag

Movies and popcorn belong together like tequila and lemon, coffee and cigarettes… The individual forms and structures of each single piece of popcorn are removed from the mainstream context and given new space, light and rhythm. Their typical tasty supporting role is suspended, and popcorn takes on the leading role in this experimental film.

Director's Biography
MICHAEL WIRTHIG, geb. 1978, lebt und arbeitet in Linz. Interessiert sich für die Zerlegung von Objekten und Geräten, diverse Studien über die Beziehung zwischen Innen- und Außenwelt. // Filme (Auswahl): INSIDE1014 (2007; CE '08), INSIDE-R3 (2009; CE '09), SUNRICH ORANGE (2012; CE '12), INSIDE THE BAG (2012)
Local Artists 2013
Michael Wirthig
Austria 2012
black & white
2 minutes
without dialogue