Inside 521

INSIDE 521 is a study on the inside and the outside of an analog 16mm projector. The external form of a Bolex 521 projector was dissolved to reveal its inner life. The content thus gains a new space and individual components are made visible. Photographing these details as single frames turns them into new cinematic moving images. At the sound level the focus is also on the relationship between inside and outside. For this, Mathias Burghofer composed an experimental sound collage on the strings of an open grand piano. The former analog film projector shifts into focus and thus becomes a digital cinema copy itself, in keeping with the 15th anniversary of Crossing Europe.

Director's Biography
Michael Wirthig (*1978) studied media design at the University of Arts Linz and has dealt intensively with artistic photography and experimental film since 2000.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Headcrash (2017, CE’17), Inside The Head (2015, CE’16), Inside The Bag (2012, CE’13), Inside R-3 (2012, CE’12), Sunrich Orange (2012, CE’12)
Local Artists · Festivaltrailer 2018
Michael Wirthig
Austria 2018
1' minutes
Sound/Sounddesign Mathias Burghofer