In This Silence I Believe

With an alienated sound design, the familiar elements at the club are viewed in an experimental cinematic way. (Innovative Film Austria)

Director's Biography
Simon Spitzer (*1988, Vienna) studied at the Film Academy Vienna and then started studying Time-based Media at the University of Art and Design Linz. In addition to his own projects, he works for different departments in film, such as casting, director’s assistance and music.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
In This Silence I Believe (2023) - Morsen - Federspiel (2016, co-directed with Jessyca R. Hauser) - (Holz einräumen (2014) - Die Leute von Stiege 5 (2012)
Local Artists 2023
Simon Spitzer
Austria 2023
17 minutes
without dialogue
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Laura Ettel
Editing Norbert Pfaffenbichler
Music Wolf-Maximilian Liebich
Producer(s) Simon Spitzer
Additional Credits
Streetcasting/Regieassistenz: Denise Teipel, Bianca Jamsina Rauch, Marlene Prinz, Carmen Cirnfus, Kathrin Puscasiu, Elena Riener, Jennifer Newrkla
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2023