Im Glück (Neger)

Lucky (Niggers)

Im Glück (Neger), the most recent documentary film by Thomas Heise, provides „news of little people in Saxony (central Europe) for a different era“. From old material, traces, remnants, found memories, letters, Heiner Müller and Lautréamont, Heise builds a history landscape with figures. Berlin. 1999 to 2005. They are children that have just become adults. Vulnerable. Sven, Lena, Thomas, Stephan and Daniela. It‘s about life. The closeness is as uncanny as loneliness. Everything can be seen. There are no interviews. There are processes, images, texts, letters, theatre, requests, administrative acts, looks, oaths, applications. And a letter to me. (Thomas Heise)

Panorama Special 2006
Thomas Heise
Germany 2006
87 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Thomas Heise
Cinematography Peter Badel, Jutta Tränkle, Anja Simon, Maxim Wolfram
Editing Mike Gürgen
Music Bendrik Muhs
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