Im Dialog

@Fragments of the Armed Eye – VALIE EXPORT in a Dialogue with the Film Avant-Garde@ (1984, see p. XX) served as source material for a text-based video work that reflects on the television series in several ways and re-imagines the idea of a dialogue.

Director's Biography
David Wittinghofer: David Wittinghofer (*1991) lives and works in Linz, studied experimental art and now studies cultural studies at the University of Arts Linz.
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
David Wittinghofer
Austria 2020
12 minutes
Screenplay David Wittinghofer
Cinematography Amina Lehner
Editing David Wittinghofer
Music -
Producer(s) David Wittinghofer
World Sales
Austrian Rights
World Premiere