I can feel it coming

A found-footage work about the character of the wind and its cinematographic appearance, accompanied by Susanna Gartmayer’s bass clarinet compositions.

Director's Biography
Karin Fisslthaler works as an artist, filmmaker, and musician (aka Cherry Sunkist). She studied and currently lectures at the University of Art and Design in Linz and lives in Vienna.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
I can feel it coming (2022) - *Women (Valie) (2020/21; CE'22) - *Women (Nico) (2021; CE'22) - Alice Remixed (2017; CE'18) - Brainbows (2015; CE'16) - Hidden Tracks (2015; CE'15) - Goodbye – Cherry Sunkist (2013; CE'13, CREATIVE REGION MUSIC VIDEO Audience Award 2013) - Imaging Machine (2008; CE'09)
Local Artists 2023
Karin Fisslthaler
Austria 2022
black & white and color
8 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Karin Fisslthaler
Editing Karin Fisslthaler
Music Susanna Gartmayer
Producer(s) Karin Fisslthaler
World Premiere
Kunst Haus Wien, 2022