Hungry Man

This story of an unexpected encounter between a young boy and an injured foreigner somewhere in the Romanian wilderness is a parable of man’s freedom in modern society. The boy lives in a decaying village in the Danube delta. It is a landscape untouched by time and modern society. Director Philip Martin builds his compelling story using just three basic elements: children, an injured man, and the specific landscape and nature of the delta. Martin’s daring debut does not follow a classical sequence of events, but consciously seeks out a distinctive and original form of narration using non-actors, a skeleton crew, and no musical soundtrack. Nor is Martin in any hurry to introduce the main plot or the events that follow. He uses time to pull the viewer into the children’s frame of mind and the atmosphere of their everyday life. Nearly every shot “slows time without being boring”, which philosopher Hans-Georg Gadamer calls one of the defining features of art.

Director's Biography
Philip Martin, born in France, began to learn filmmaking under producer and director Paul Casalini at age 16. He worked as assistant editor, later as assistant director, and at age 21 he shot his debut film. Through his contacts among documentary filmmakers he began working for various international companies (BBC, NHK, RAI). Besides working in film, Martin also engages in photography, and has been exhibiting his photographs since 2000. HUNGRY MAN had its world premiere at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2013. // Films (selected): HUNGRY MAN (2013)
European Panorama Fiction 2014
Philip Martin
France / Romania 2013
70 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Philip Martin
Cinematography Philip Martin
Editing Claire Atherton
Sound/Sounddesign Nassim El Mounabbih
With Cristi Balea, Constantin Puscaru, Catalina Puscaru
Eaux Vives Productions 8 rue Godillot 93400 Saint-Ouen France T +33 017 473 4472