Hors Satan

Outside Satan

At the edge of the English Channel, on the Côte d‘Opale, near a hamlet, its dunes and marshes, there lives a strange fellow who gets by somehow, poaches, prays and builds fires. A vagrant who appears from nowhere and who, in a single breath, hounds out the evil from a village haunted by the devil and sets the world away from Satan. Murder, resurrection and lurid sex spill from the screen and we are left uncertain whether the frightening guy is an evil psychic manifestation or a twisted messiah. Bruno Dumont‘s sixth full-length feature film Outside Satan was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes in 2011.

Director's Biography
Bruno Dumont, born 1958 in Bailleul, France. He has taught philosophy and directed more than forty commercials, shorts and documentaries. After the two short films PARIS (1993) and MARIE ET FREDDY (Marie and Freddy, 1994), he directed his first feature film LA VIE DE JÉSUS (The Life of Jesus, 1997), winner of a Golden Camera special mention at Cannes. // Films (Selected): L‘HUMANITE (Humanity, 1999), TWENTYNINE PALMS (2003; CE '04), FLANDRES (Flanders, 2006; CE '07), HADEWIJCH(2009; CE '10), HORS SATAN (Outside Satan, 2011)
European Panorama Fiction 2012
Bruno Dumont
France 2011
110 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Bruno Dumont
Cinematography Yves Cape
Editing Bruno Dumont/Basile Belkhiri
Sound/Sounddesign Philippe Lecoeur, Emmanuel Croset
With David Dewaele, Alexandra Lematre, Valerie Mestdagh, Sonia Barthelemy, Juliette Bacquet, Christophe Bon, Dominique Caffier, Aurore Broutin
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