Everyone is concerned about fiery sixteen-year-old Lieke who just lost her mother. Despite her grief, Lieke finds healing in the swimming pool where, as a great diving talent, she enjoys the training sessions with her coach Jorg. Lieke is managing fine. Until Jorg decides to train an additional girl. Jealous Lieke tries to keep herself in check, yet slowly but surely she loses control over herself. In the chaos she unleashes, Lieke becomes the girl everyone is so afraid of, most of all she herself.

Director's Biography
GIANCARLO SANCHEZ, born in 1986, studied at the AHL – Netherlands Film Academy. He has been working for a commercial production company and has directed many music videos. In 2014, he graduated with his short film Gameboy. Horizon is his first midlength film and was awarded the Dutch Academy Award for Best Television Drama in 2016. // Films (selection): Gameboy (2014, short), Horizon (2016)
Cinema Next Europe 2017
Giancarlo Sanchez
Netherlands 2016
50 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Jaap Peter Enderlé
Editing Wouter van Luijn
Producer(s) Frank Hoeve, Katja Draaijer (BALDR Film, NL)
International Premiere
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere

Gemeinsam mit / Together with