Holidays - 68 Dreadlocks

Two stressed-out managers escape from everyday office life and find rest and relaxation on a solitary Danube beach. They practically have to force themselves not to be productive. The entire film was shot essentially with a rigid camera setting, but with an enormous cutting rate of about 100 cuts per minute.

Director's Biography
Daniel Steiner, geb. 1972 in Linz. Musiker, Journalist/Autor und Produzent.

Filme (Auswahl): Vertrauen ist gut - Strahler 80 (2000) Roman Ganhör, geb. 1971 in Linz. Seit 1995 realisiert er Musikvideos und Dokus.

Filme (Auswahl): 3 Uhr 10 - Texta (1994), Vertrauen ist gut - Strahler 80 (2000), Jolly Jumper (2001), Around the World with Webcams (2008)
Local Artists 2011
Daniel Steiner, Roman Ganhör
Austria 2010
black & white
5 minutes
without dialogue