Hamburger Gitter

Hamburg Grids

Hamburg, July 2017. 31,000 policemen, 20 governments, 100,000 protesters – a city seemingly traumatised.§ One year after the G20 summit government officials call for severe punishment and the police pulls out all stops in their search for hunderts of suspects. Could the summit signal a new approach in dealing with protest?

Director's Biography
Steffen Maurer
Steffen Maurer started realizing his first few film projects already during his school days. In 2013, while in Mexico, he created his first short documentary film. Shortly thereafter he studied directing at "FilmArche", a time during which time he produced countless short documentaries about protest and social movements. 

Film Selection: Hamburger Gitter (Hamburger Grids, 2018, doc) - ZWI3 (2016, short) - Somos Viento (2013, doc short)
European Panorama Documentary 2019
Steffen Maurer, Luise Burchard, Luca Vogel, Marco Heinig
Germany 2018
77 minutes
Screenplay Marco Heinig, Steffen Maurer, Luise Burchard, Luca Vogel
Cinematography Steffen Maurer, Michael Zimmer, Ole Jacobs, Arne Büttner, a.o.
Editing Marco Heinig, Luise Burchard
Sound/Sounddesign Florian Beck
Music Robin Plenio
With Heribert Prantl, Benjamin Derin, Gabriele Heinecke, Rafael Behr, Christiane Schneider, Katharina Schipkowski, Halil, Leo, Nils, Julia a.o.
Producer(s) Mischa Pfisterer, Sophie Krause
World Premiere
Kino International, Berlin 2018
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Kino International, Berlin 2018