For the 2021 festival trailer CROSSING EUROPE could win over the Linz-based visual artist Laurien Bachmann (*1992). In her work she deals with topics such as the perception of public space and rural topographies through the medium of film, photography, and installation. For the most part she presents her observations in the form of still or moving images and in doing so often transcends the boundary of fiction and reality. In 2020 she presented her work PERSISTENT DISTURBANCE (PE/CL/AR/AT 2019) at CROSSING EUROPE EXTRACTS. Her video work GRÜN IN shows a seemingly undisturbed natural landscape in lush green. At first glance the idyllic nature looks untouched, complete with a steady stream from a waterfall, and yet there is a digital traffic light across from it. In red letters you see it continuously counting down the seconds: Green in 3, 2, 1 … This absurd scene is expanded by a soundscape that consists entirely of digital synthesizers: sounds that could seem natural, booming bass tones, and far away mechanical noises carry the statically filmed scenery, and underline a sense of unease that is created by the unvarying countdown.

Festivaltrailer · Local Artists 2021
Laurien Bachmann
Austria 2021
Sound/Sounddesign Sebastian Six