Géographie humaine

Human Geography

Gare du Nord in Paris is a transit station for all those coming from the suburbs, the provinces or abroad. Accompanied by Simon Mérabet, the son of Algerian immigrants from the Var, HUMAN GEOGRAPHY offers a series of brief meetings with individuals who recount their lives in just a few words before disappearing to take their trains. The crowd of passengers is embodied in these stories, one life after another, and we see how globalization fashions individual destinies, subject to geographical and economic pressures.

Director's Biography
Claire Simon, born 1955 in London, Great Britain, grew up in the south of France. She taught herself filmmaking, gaining experience by working as an editor and directing short films in an entirely independent way. She specialized in direct cinema, made several documentaries, and in 1997 made her first feature film SINON, OUI. GARE DU NORD was screened at the 66th Locarno Film Festival in 2013. // Films (selected): ÇA BRÛLE (2006), LES BUREAUX DE DIEU (God's Offices, 2008); GARE DU NORD (2013), GÉOGRAPHIE HUMAINE (Human Geography, 2013, doc; CE '14)
2014: FEDEORA AWARDS for European Documentaries
European Panorama Documentary 2014
Claire Simon
France 2013
105 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Claire Simon
Cinematography Claire Simon
Editing Luc Forveille, Catherine Rascon
Sound/Sounddesign Sylvain Copans, Thomas Gastinel, Olivier Hespel
Music Miles Davis
With Simon Mérabet
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