Freundschaft unter Abhängigen – Lateness

As an attempted exploration of dependence, FREUNDSCHAFT UNTER ABHÄNGIGEN chronicles an ill-fated attempt to change the future.

Director's Biography
Gabriel Pointner (*1995, Linz) tries to create innovative media in a multitude of categories while being excited by the idea of dissolving them. Currently based in Vienna, he works on projects like "lateness" or "Hybrid Sessions".
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Freundschaft unter Abhängigen - Lateness (2022) - Sweet in Cheese - AUX PORTES (2021) - Rain Equals Beautiful Sleep (2018) - Das Manifest der Ineffizienz (The Manifesto of Inefficiency, 2017)
Local Artists 2023
Gabriel Pointner
Austria 2022
4 minutes
Music Video
Cinematography Gabriel Pointner
Producer(s) Martin Albler, Martin Eichhaber, Peter Freydl, Emilia Stone
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2023