Free Spaces

In FREE SPACES, I explore the relationship between democracy and public space. The film shows how citizens in post-communist countries (Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine), and artists in particular, fight for their right to express themselves and gather freely in public spaces. Under communist rule – maybe like in any totalitarian system – public spaces were considered as dangerous, unpredictable zones. Today, a new generation of artists goes into public space with their works, from performances to installations, merging the artistic and the political. (Ina Ivanceanu)

Director's Biography
Ina Ivanceanu is a Vienna-based documentary filmmaker. Her directorial credits include documentaries, participatory video workshops, and works for audiences beyond the art house context – from the visual arts fields to socially marginalized groups. Ivanceanu focuses on societies in transformation, in particular in a post-communist context. // Films (selection): BUNICA (co-directed by Elke Groen, 2005, doc; CE '06), JEDER SIEBTE MENSCH (Every Seventh Person, co-directed by Elke Groen, 2007, doc), FREE SPACES (2015, doc)
European Panorama 2015
Ina Ivanceanu
Luxembourg / Austria 2015
60 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Ina Ivanceanu
Cinematography Vahe Budumyan, Tatia Skhirtladze
Editing Elke Groen, Tatia Skhirtladze
Sound/Sounddesign Alexander Kvatashidze, Nikoloz Tarielashidze, Georg Tomandl
Producer(s) Bady Minck, Alexander Dumericher-Ivanceanu Koproduktion / Co-Production Oikodrom (AT)
Amour Fou Luxembourg 49–51 rue de Warken 9088 Ettelbruck Luxembourg T +352 81 16 81 1 F +352 81 16 81 82