Fragmented is the simulation of a self-obliteration. The artist styles himself as his own monument to subsequently destroy it. First the mesh of a 3D scan of the artist‘s head is transformed through audio signals, subsequently fragmented along its normals and finally completely destroyed.

Director's Biography
Didi Bruckmayr, geb. 1966, lebt in Traun. Sänger, Schauspieler und Performancekünstler. Seit 1999 digitale Kunst, v.a. im Bereich 3D und Realtime-Video-Processing.

Filme (Auswahl): collider2 (2005; CE ‘06), my personality hates me! (2007, mit Michael Strohmann; CE ‘08), Flexible Cities (2008; CE ‘09), Trendfollower (2009; CE ‘09)
Local Artists 2010
Didi Bruckmayr
Austria 2009
2 minutes
without dialogue
Music Sigi Aigner