Foto Film 2001

The purpose of this documentary film, one of the few which Peter and Maja co-signed as directors, is an attempt to analyze and explore the phenomenon of photography. Maja and Peter do so by interviewing a large number of world famous artists, mostly (or also) photographers, whose lives are deeply marked by their passion for still image. The filmmakers' approach is both poetic and precise, intimate and scientific, dealing both with historical aspects of photographic art and its immediate - rational and emotional - impacts on the world today.

Tribute 2005
Maja Weiss, Peter Braatz
Slovenia 1996
60 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Maja Weiss, Peter Braatz
Cinematography Stepan Benda
Editing Sonja Peklenk
Music Stewart Dunlop
With Sophie Braatz, Anton Demšar, Neca Falk, Diego Andres Gomez, Žiga Koritnik, Thomas Struth, Wim Wenders, u.v.a.
RTV Slovenija