Forever not alone

Alice, Helene, Maira, Nani, Selin and Vera live in Vienna, are 14 and call themselves the “Chillergroup”. In addition to their time at school they spend every free minute together, being best friends. This friendship is the most important thing in their lives, far more important than dating boys. But their future is uncertain: because at the end of this school year, the 4th grade at secondary school, the clique will be put to the test as they'll have to go their separate ways. A film about friendship, awakening sexuality, first love, dreams, desires, hopes... and about letting go and starting over again.

Director's Biography
MONJA ART, born 1984 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. She studied Screenplay and Dramaturgy at the Filmacademy Vienna. CAROLINE BOBEK, born in Austria, studied Cinematography & Production at the Filmacademy Vienna. Together they have been realizing authentic and innovative film and photo projects since 2005. // Films (in cooperation): POPPY SEED BALLS (2008, doc short), RED (2009, short), FOREVER NOT ALONE (2013, doc)
Special 2013
Monja Art, Caroline Bobek
Austria 2013
74 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Monja Art, Caroline Bobek
Cinematography Caroline Bobek
Editing Monja Art, Claudia Linzer
Sound/Sounddesign Thomas Aichinger
Music Trishes, Luise Pop, Thomas Petritsch, Clara Luzia, A.G. Trio, Florian Vogel, Robert Stadlober
With Sarah Beran, Maira Horvath, Alice Lojic, Nanaae Krainz, Vera Kretschmer, Selin Kurman, Helene Ritter, Sabine Trubrig
Caroline Bobek, Monja Art 1190 Vienna Austria T +43 676 63 93 564 F +43 1 320 30 46