Flucht aus Afrika

360 000 Africans are waiting in North Africa to cross over to Europe. Thousands die along the way through the desert or across the sea, hundreds end up in deportation camps. A group of Tuareg work in the Sahara against poverty; a juice manufacturer from Ghana wants to rebuild his factory after unsuccessful migration; a Viennese Lieutenant Colonel from the criminal investigation department works for fairness between police and Africans.

Director's Biography
Johanna Tschautscher, geb. 1968 in Wels. Schriftstellerin und Regisseurin.

Filme (Auswahl): Niemand vermischt mit dem Nichts (2005, Dok; Crossing Europe 06), Beni Altmüller, Künstlerportrait (2007; Crossing Europe 08), Fluchtpunkt Europa, jenseits vom Traum (2007, Dok)
Local Artists 2009
Johanna Tschautscher
Austria 2009
56 minutes
Screenplay Johanna Tschautscher
Cinematography Johanna Tschautscher, Dominik Spritzendorfer
Editing Johanna Tschautscher