Felkészülés meghatározatlan ideig tartó együttlétre

Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

Márta Vizy is a 39-year-old Hungarian neurosurgeon. After 20 years in the United States, she returns to Budapest for a romantic rendezvous at the Liberty Bridge with János a fellow doctor she met at a conference in New Jersey. Márta waits in vain, while the love of her life is nowhere to be seen. When she finally tracks him down, the bewildered man claims the two have never met. It’s unclear whether Márta’s wits are clouded by love or if other neurological factors are at play. For her second feature, writer-director Lili Horvát spins a delicate web of contrasts and silent explosions that shift the viewer’s understanding. (Toronto International Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Felkészülés meghatározatlan ideig tartó együttlétre (Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time, 2020) - Szerdai gyerek (The Wednesday Child, 2015) - Napszúrás (Sunstroke, 2009, short) - Uszodai tolvaj (Swimming Pool Thief, 2007, short)
2021: MIOB New Vision Award
European Panorama Fiction 2021
Lili Horvát
Hungary 2020
95 minutes
Hungarian / English
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Lili Horvát
Cinematography Róbert Maly
Editing Károly Szalai
Sound/Sounddesign Rudolf Várhegyi
Music Gábor Keresztes
With Natasa Stork, Viktor Bodó, Benett Vilmányi, Zsolt Nagy, Péter Tóth
Producer(s) Péter Miskolczi, Dóra Csernátony, Lili Horvát
Poste Restante
World Sales
NFI World Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2020